Concentio Strategy


We believe our carefully constructed approach compensates for weaknesses that any one model may inherently contain. We utilize Asset Class Rotation, Sector Rotation Analysis, Cycle Analysis, Trend Analysis and Relative Strength concurrently to assess the sustainability of market trends.

At Concentio, we feel that our holistic strategy allows us to craft an accurate and unbiased picture of dynamic markets. We believe that this rigorous process allows us to create a customized portfolio to help you grow your capital and meet your financial goals.


Asset Class Rotation

We study Asset Classes to understand current economic and market conditions.

Sector Rotation

We use Sector Rotation to refine the assessment of economic and market conditions.

Trend Analysis

We employ Trend Analysis to determine if markets are moving up, down or sideways.

Indicators & Cycles

We utilize Indicators & Cycles to assess the sustainability of market trends.

Relative Strength

We identify Relative Strength to find the compelling investments.

Risk Analysis

We use Risk Analysis to determine when to initiate or exit a trade.