Concentio Capital Management is a Dallas, Texas based investment firm focused on providing its clients holistic portfolio management services. Our multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of the financial markets.

Concentio (con-sent-io) noun.
[Latin]: harmony

We employ the principle of harmony in all the work that we do for our clients. We believe that maintaining harmony is the key to growing capital and preserving our clients’ wealth. Our goal is to be good stewards of your capital, allowing you to devote your time and energy to what’s important to you, while our team strives to grow and preserve your assets.


As your trusted financial advisors, we serve as stewards of your capital and work hard to help you meet your financial goals. Our team takes pride in ensuring that you receive an uncompromising level of personal service from our team, alongside comprehensive portfolio management. Concentio offers a variety of services based on our clients’ needs.




We want what’s best for your finances

We believe our balanced approach allows us to better understand the dynamics of the markets. With this perspective, we are able to create a customized portfolio to help you grow your capital – while you focus on what matters to you. Our team philosophy is to focus our effort on reducing portfolio declines because of the difficulty of recovering lost capital.


Our team at Concentio Capital brings over two decades of knowledge and expertise in research and trading, asset management, and managing a family office. We can help you navigate your finances and help you reach your goals.